Destiny Int’L Christian Assembly: A Spiritual Center in the Heart of Canada

Destiny Church Yorkton


Discovering Your Journey at Destiny Int’L Christian Assembly

In the thriving community of Yorkton, Destiny Int’L Chritian Assembly (DICA), shines as a source of hope, love and faith. With a range of programs to choose from it offers the space for connecting, learning and personal growth.

Destiny Int’L Christian Assembly: Where Faith Embraces Community

Weekly Gatherings:  Immerse yourself in the warmth of a community by attending our Sunday services and midweek meetings.

Youth Programs: Empowering young minds with guidance and engaging activities.

Ministries for Women and Men: Tailored gatherings designed to inspire, motivate and foster connections among women and men

Community Outreach: We firmly believe in the power of compassion. Extending love beyond physical barriers through evangelism

Annual Conference: Opportunities for individuals to delve deeper in their spiritual walk with God.

Seasonal Festivities: There’s never a dull moment at Destiny Yorkton as we celebrate life through the different seasons – Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other special occasions that bring joy throughout the year.

Join us at DICA Yorkton for community get together filled with fun and fellowship. Our church provides a welcoming environment for those seeking growth and a sense of belonging. Experience our worship services. Engage with our supportive community. We invite you to become part of our loving family today. You can visit the church in person or connect with us online to discover the destiny that awaits you!